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About Amino Pharma

Amino Pharma

Since 2010 ,Amino Pharma dealing in various veterinary solutions as medicines, Feed supplement, Feed ingredients & Nutraceuticals. Mr Amit (CEO) of the company under his leadership our company achives new heights of success.His leadership always inspire employees to perform better.Our products manufactured as per the gudieance of WHO-GMP. Our Quality maintainance team always ensures the quality of products. We conduct all quality checks at various stages. We strictly foloow various quality measures.Amino Pharma products are manufactured in WHO- GMP certified manufacturing units. So better quality, good & effective packaging are guaranteed.

Our Mission :

Our mission to deliver a best quality products at economical prices to our clients.

Our Vision :
To be a global Animal health care products wholesale supplier by manufacturing high quality products in cost effective manner.

Quality Assurance:
We are a quality centric company and thus, we follow strict quality standards throughout to offer quality products to the customers.

Logistics :
We ensure that the products will remain in a safe condition and for this; we have hired experts who keep a strict vigilance on the entire unit. Moreover, our unit is timely upgraded ensuring more safety.

Payments :
We settle the financial transactions with our customers through our secured payment procedures. We also settle down upon negotiable instruments such as drafts or letter of credit along with debit cards, credit cards, direct credits and more.

Our Products

Our main products include bolus, powders, suspensions and injections for Livestock, equine, poultry, pigs
Some of Our Brands are:-

  • 1) Albenmin –(Albendazole bolus & Suspension)
  • 2) Levamin - ( Levamisole bolus, powder, suspension, Injection)
  • 3) Ivermin 1% - ( Ivermectin bolus & Injection)
  • 4) Oxymin - (Oxytetracycline bolus, Injection - Normal and Long acting both)
  • 5) Oxymin Chick Formula
  • 6) Oxymnin Egg formula
  • 7) Boostermin- Broiler Booster
  • 10) Chick Booster- Chick Tonic
  • 11) Milk Booster - Extra milk
  • 12) Camel Booster
  • 13) Pig Booster
  • 14) Oral Calcium, Chelated Mineral Mixtures & Poultry Premixes
  • 15) Liver Tonic & Immunity Products
  • 16) Aminovita- ( Water Soluble powder of Amino Acids and Minerals)
  • 17) Stresmin - ( Anti Stress pack)
  • 18) Wound heal - ( Wound spray)
  • 19) Toximin Gold ( multiple toxin binder, mould inhibitor, growth promoter)
  • And Others

We have our own dedicated regulatory department for the preparation of all documents, records and provide technical support team for the registration the products in various countries. Already the product registered in various countries. We assure you for economical price and quality goods.

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